Javier is an ocean photographer who specializes in capturing stunning images of the ocean, its marine life, seascapes, and underwater environments. As a life-long photographer, he possess a deep passion for the ocean and possess the skills necessary to document its beauty and diversity through his lenses. 

He has a profound appreciation for the sea and all its wonders. He is often drawn to the water, whether it's the crashing waves, the vibrant marine life, or the serene seascapes. This love for the ocean drives his desire to capture its essence in photographs.

Javier continues to gain knowledge of marine environments. To be a successful ocean photographer he has to have a good understanding of marine ecosystems and the behavior of marine life. This knowledge allows him to anticipate and capture unique moments, whether it's the graceful movements of a sea turtle, the power of a breaking wave, or the vibrant colors of a coral reef.

Ocean Explorer

Javier is an ocean explorer who engages in the exploration and studies the world's oceans. He is driven by a curiosity to uncover the mysteries and secrets that lie beneath the surface of the sea. He longs for research and discovery.

Javier conducts scientific research to expand our knowledge of the ocean and its ecosystems. He continues to study marine biology, oceanography, geology, or other related fields. By conducting surveys, collecting samples, and using advanced technologies, he is contributing to our understanding of marine life, underwater geological formations, and the overall health of the ocean. Javier has been able to explore parts of the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, and Southern Oceans.

Wildlife Photographer

Javier is a wildlife photographer who has traveled to over 70 countries focusing on capturing images of dangerous animals. He specializes in photographing and documenting the behavior, beauty, and power of wildlife species that are considered dangerous or have the potential to cause harm. Javier has a deep passion for wildlife and a keen interest in showcasing the coexistence between humans and dangerous animals.

He continues to improve on patience and perseverance. Doing his best to capture striking images of dangerous animals, as wildlife behavior can be unpredictable. As a photographer, he has spent long hours observing and waiting for the perfect moment to capture an authentic and captivating image.


Javier combines his passion for photography with a desire to make a positive impact on society. He will continue to utilize his photography skills, resources, and networks to support causes, raise awareness, and drive social change through visual storytelling. With advocacy and fundraising, photography can be a powerful tool for advocacy and fundraising. As a philanthropist and photographer, Javier uses his images to create impactful campaigns, exhibitions, or publications that shed light on specific causes or organizations. By showcasing his work, he can mobilize support, raise funds, and rally public engagement for important social or environmental initiatives.

Current Project 2023: Working on a documentary in Ethiopia filming tribes in the Omo Valley, and exploring the ocean in Zanzibar, Tanzania.


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